TifCase: Top fashion looks from male celebrities

Debonair men strut along the streets of Los Angeles while wearing their most basic yet stylish outfits. Aside from that, these celebrity figures would bring their A-game on Hollywood’s red carpet for every movie or runway show. Get to know the top dashing looks from male celebrities here at TifCase.

  1. Robert Pattinson for GQ Magazine 2022

The then teen star Robert Pattinson made a mark on his acting career by transforming himself into a handsome vampire, Edward Cullen, from Stephanie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga. This year, he comes back to the big screen to act in one of his most-awaited roles in Hollywood yet, which is the one and only dark knight, Batman.

This pivotal role will have brought him into the limelight ever since multiple trailers have been released to hype the premiere night of the DC Comics movie. Pattinson attended different interviews that would talk about the film, and the most iconic of them all is the one that he did with GQ Magazine.

Here, the story entails the metamorphosis of the handsome actor. Alongside the interview texts, Pattinson was dressed up in a series of clothing from expensive designer brands. Each fits into the Y2K fashion trend that has been rampant from 2020 onwards, and Pattinson slew every look.

From colourful suits from Dior Men and Versace, Pattinson strips them all out and transforms them into a blonde hottie wearing a Dolce and Gabbana top. The fashion selection gets more interesting as you would see pieces from Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Diesel and Martine Ali. The entire magazine spread for Robert Pattinson has stirred the pot for The Batman 2022 film as he recounts his experiences in filming.

  1. Tyler, the Creator’s never-ending genius in fashion

The American rapper, Tyler the Creator, is widely known for his spit-fire rap lyrics and beautifully curated outfits. He continues to become open about his sexuality and expresses it through the use of fashion. His fans have used him as a peg for their daily outfits, which motivated the artist to produce a clothing line of his own called Golf. Through this platform, Tyler has sold a lot of his products to his fans and fashion enthusiasts. People are marvelling about the soft street style it offers to those who wear it.

To understand Tyler’s style, one must first know the importance of colour combinations. The artist loves to use multiple colours in one outfit. So every time he goes out, he would look like a painter’s palette. Every bit of colour meshes perfectly with another and he would also make use of loud and bold prints that would easily catch someone’s eye.

Additionally, Tyler is one of the influential people in society, and ever since he started wearing bucket hats and beanies, everyone followed. His lookbooks are always at the top of the charts, and it has pushed a lot of men to be comfortable with wearing more colours other than a monochromatic palette. 

Above all, Tyler also has the power to influence his fans by embracing their truest self and not letting anyone rain on their parade. This is one of his main intentions with his clothing line, which resulted in men embracing their oddity and eccentricity. His fans continue to support his career in music, and they are all excited for his next album release after Call Me If You Get Lost.

  1. Harry Styles and his fashionable tribute to music stars

The phenomenal Harry Styles is one of the memorable fashion icons in the entertainment industry because of his tribute to legendary artists such as David Bowie, Prince and Freddie Mercury. It is as if mixing all three will give you the Watermelon Sugar singing artist and his stylistic presence on the performing stage.

The talented artist would break gender barriers by wearing ballerina tutus paired with insignificantly high heels. In his recent feature in Dazed Magazine, Styles paraded in a set of androgynous outfits that have created a ruckus on the internet. Fans and critics were marvelling about how everything he wore fit him like a glove. Each outfit was an amalgamation of different icons in the 60s to 80s, and Styles was pleased in embodying these artists that inspired his music.

Aside from that, fans could not have enough of Styles’ effortless straight from the runway looks in his concert performances. In one of his shows, the songbird wore a multi-coloured cardigan that every fan loved to the point of recreating the look. 

Besides that, Harry Styles is doing a great job in setting an example for both men and women. His artistry is all about self-expression and just embodying who you truly are. Styles does all of this through his carefully selected clothing pieces, which made him become a peg for all queer teenagers.

Since the release of Fine Line in 2019, Styles showcased his pink and white colour combination that became the central mood of the album. It goes to show that per album release, Styles would dress up in to something beautiful that will wow the fans one way or another.

  1. Lil Nas X’s fabulous runway looks

Lil Nas X rose to fame when he released one of 2019’s biggest hits, Old Town Road. This country-like song has caught the attention of millions of people, and it became a staple sound in multiple bars and clubs all over the world. His virality has launched him onto the top of the charts, and it got him invited to different runway galas in Los Angeles.

His sexuality is the main inspiration for his style, which made him unapologetically confident on the red carpet. The first jaw-dropping outfit he wore was the all-pink cowboy outfit from Versace. He wore this on the night of the 2020 Grammy Awards, and people were living for every element adorned on his body. The top was made out of multiple pink harnesses overlaid by a cowboy cropped jacket.

After a music hiatus, Lil Nas X became more open about his sexuality by releasing the controversial music video for Montero. This has shocked people all over the world because of the lucid set design and provocative outfits he has worn in the production. Despite that, Lil Nas X’s style became more extravagant and bodacious, and people were living for every single look.

Since then, Lil Nas X struts the red carpet wearing gowns and capes that made him more confident with his body. On the night of the 2021 Met Gala, he wore a three-piece outfit, which he undressed as he progressed through the red carpet. Lil Nas X entered the event place wearing a gold royal cape, and he had his assistants remove it for him. This revealed a gold metallic armour that showed off the American rapper’s beautiful physique. After that, the armour reveals a body-fitting catsuit adorned with gold speckles. 

With the release of his new album called Montero, Lil Nas X has shown the internet how much he is so comfortable with his body. This has inspired a lot of people to embrace their truest selves more than they should. 

  1. The Pretty Flacko: A$AP Rocky’s style

One of the hottest rappers in America is none other than A$AP Rocky. He is known as ‘Pretty Flacko’ in the industry because of the dapper looks that he wears daily. This is also heard from his lyrics in most of his songs, and he continues to dazzle the crowd with his million-dollar smile.

In terms of fashion style, Rocky showcases a mix between street, formal and haute couture wear. He would wear bold colours from the rainbow, and it would look amazing on his skin. Aside from that, Rocky is talented in layering his clothes altogether to the point where you might think that more is better. Moreover, Rocky has a thing for babushka. That’s why when he wore it, it has pushed his fans to follow as well. 

A$AP Rocky’s fashionable style has been recognized by multiple critics and brands. This became an opportunity for him to model the clothes of different designer brands. On top of that, Guess has partnered with him in producing a cotton candy themed collection called Guess X A$AP Rocky. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike were lined up in all branches just to snag a couple of pieces from this collection. This event has made Rocky more relevant in the fashion world.

With his recent news with Rihanna, the couple made the lyrics of Fashion Killa more real due to the latest pregnancy update. Both are excited to become wonderful parents to the child that they will have.

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