TifCase: Bags you should have inside your closet

Bags are the greatest invention ever because it keeps your things organized. Aside from that, they are sturdy enough to support everything you carry inside. However, not all bags are suitable for any kind of occasion. You also need to assess their type and what kind of clothing you’re wearing. Bringing the wrong type of bag will become a hassle for you, which can sour your mood throughout the day. As a solution, here is a list of bag types that will suit your needs on any occasion:

  1. Backpack

Wearing a backpack is the go-to bag, especially when you go to school or work. It can fit everything you need for the day such as a notebook, laptop, phone, chargers, wallet and water bottle. This bag will be your best friend, and it is proven and tested throughout time. Despite their goodness, backpacks can become heavy when you place a lot of things inside. The weight can hinder your mobility, and you will get tired easily.

  1. Fanny pack

For a lighter option, you should consider getting a fanny pack. These bags are clipped onto your body so that they are safe and secured from potential theft. Owning a fanny pack will make your life easy, especially when you head out to parties. This is because it requires you to bring only the essentials, which allows you to travel light. The downside, however, is that you cannot place a lot of things inside your fanny pack.

  1. Duffel bag

Duffel bags are the best option for people who love to be prepared regardless of the occasion. These are big and sturdy enough to carry everything you need despite their weight! You can fit a fresh set of extra clothes, a pair of shoes and some of your important toiletries. Given its size, you need to expect that it can become bulky and heavy, especially when you are commuting.

  1. Suitcase

Are you travelling somewhere far? If so, then you should get a quality suitcase that would fit all your clothes and items. This can come in different sizes and designs so that it would perfectly suit your liking. Moreover, it has an adaptive rolling feature that lets you roll it in different directions. Its convenience also comes with a con, which is its weight.

  1. Tote bag

If you are looking for a bag that will fit a casual day, you can never go wrong with a simple canvas tote bag. This is strong enough to hold your laptop as well as other things you need for the day. Above all, tote bags are relatively cheap to the point that you can get different designs in one purchase!

All of these bags and other types are available at TifCase. Check them out to see if you find anything you like! 

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