10 Clothing must-haves for a classic wardrobe

All aspects of a culture, from the economic to the political, can be seen reflected in the latest trends in clothing. What’s trendy right now is indicative of larger cultural shifts. The pandemic increased the public’s appreciation for functional, comfortable basics. Wearing the most cutting-edge accessories or buying the newest bag was inconsistent with the current state of affairs.

It is never too late to wear clothes that make you feel good and that are on the cutting edge of fashion when you go out. However, it is still important to prioritise the basics while putting up your closet.

To help you complete your classic wardrobe must-haves, Tifcase gives you this list.

Go-to denim

A closet lacking good denim is missing something vital. You can’t go wrong with a pair of high-waisted, straight-leg jeans in an easy blue wash, whether you buy them new or secondhand. Denim jeans go well with any top and can be worn every day.

Functional knitwear

When it comes to sweaters, a cashmere crewneck is among the best. Throw it over your shoulder in the spring, wear it by itself in the fall, and use it as a layering piece in the winter. 


You need a pair of black leggings that aren’t workout clothes. Leggings with edgy elements, like zips, slits, flares, or stirrups, have made stretchy black pants more versatile. Actually, they’re better than a regular pair of pants!

Knitted dress

Even though dresses are already very low maintenance, Proenza Schouler’s ribbed knit style is the secret to looking put together with no effort. We are relieved to report that knit dresses will survive the pandemic and have already started wearing them with heels and accessories.


If you are looking for quality go-to sneakers, Nike’s throwback Daybreak sneakers are the perfect addition to any shoe collection because they are both functional and stylish.

Classic striped tee

Sailors in the French Navy were required to adopt the striped tee as part of their official uniforms in 1858. In the years that have passed since then, it has evolved into a symbol of enduring French fashion and a major factor in the closets of many fashion enthusiasts.

Leather jacket

Seeking a good clothing investment? The year 2022 is the one to finally take the plunge. A well-made leather jacket can be passed down through generations, gets better with time, and instantly elevates any ensemble.

Basic flats

There’s no reason to settle for a basic pair of ballet flats. When it comes to the flat shoe, the devil is in the details. Good flats feature both traditional elements, such as a pair of laces, and cutting-edge touches, such as a squared-off toe.

Classic coat

You can dress up a casual outfit by adding a longline fitted coat; this is a timeless fashion staple. This single-button design from low classic features pockets and lapels, and the generous cut makes it easy to wear over sweaters this fall.

Plain white tee

Among the many essentials listed above, the right white t-shirt is your best bet. A good white tee can always be paired with a denim jacket, good pair of jeans, a skirt and shorts. A plain white tee has the power to make you look good and comfortable at the same time.

Having a good set of clothes is essential nowadays, especially if you want to look good and comfortable. For more basic and must-have clothing items, browse our site, Tifcase. 

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